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Explore The Different Styles of Vinyl Siding | Popular Colors & Pictures

There are many vinyl siding styles available for your exterior home cladding needs. Below we have listed the most popular siding, styles, colors, materials, accessories, as well as other siding styles. Enjoy a brief description of each style and please use the relevant links to explore more information in order to find the best exterior siding for your home.

Vinyl Siding Styles By Materials

Explore the many styles of vinyl siding - for more information, click on the links and find full articles on all of these vinyl siding styles.

Beaded Vinyl Siding has a textured surface that is often used as replacement siding for older and traditional homes. As you can see, this vinyl siding has a bead that runs along the panel and gives it dimension and shadow.

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Board and Batten Vinyl Siding is a rustic siding style that features alternating wide and narrow vertical panels or boards. This vinyl siding style is a simple approach to home siding that is often associated with historical homes and barns.

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Brick Vinyl Siding - Although this sounds like a contradiction in terms, there are a couple of companies that make a style of brick vinyl siding. These products try and imitate the look of red brick or other styles of real stone; they often use real stone to create the molds and create unique panels.

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Cedar Vinyl Siding - certain siding manufacturers produce vinyl siding panels that are made to resemble the look of cedar siding with realistic woodgrains and often staggered patterns. This vinyl siding style is ideal for homes that are out in nature and want to reflect their natural setting while greatly minimizing the amount of maintenance that real cedar wood siding demands.

Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding is made to evoke a comfortable and rugged charm using vinyl panels that resemble cedar wood with a rough split shake shingle. They often use random woodgrain lines with staggered edges for each shake to create a traditonal and authentic look and feel to a home.

Clapboard Vinyl Siding is what most people think of when they imagine vinyl siding - long horizontal panels that overlap one another all the way up the outside of a home or building. In the past, clapboard siding could look uneven and irregular. Today, vinyl siding manufacturers have refined the process with beveled and tapered boards that creat a uniform and attractive cladding alternative. Clapboard vinyl siding is available in many different widths, lengths and profiles.

Dutch Lap Vinyl Siding is a wall lap siding that is popular in U.S. homes because it combines the clean look of traditonal siding with a decorative groove along the top rim of each siding panel. This groove helps increase the strength of the siding and makes it appear more uniform and less wavy than a standard clapboard vinyl siding. Learn more about Dutch Lap vinyl siding.

Hand Split Vinyl Shake Siding recreates the rough hewn look and rustic shadows of real hand split siding but using a vinyl material to create an intense exterior cladding.

Hand Split Variegated Vinyl Shake - this take on shake vinyl siding tries to recreate a rustic and distressed wood look using a production process instead of the difficult hand crafted process of old days.

Insulated Vinyl Siding provides better energy efficiency, insulation and increases house siding's impact resistance. Insualted Vinyl Siding can either be a foam that is injected under the siding panel (which can be applied to many different types of vinyl siding) or a product that fuses to a foam-backing material. This approach is also called solid core vinyl siding.

Liquid Vinyl Siding is maintenance free, outlasts ordinary exterior paint, and even reflects heat, which protects a building from extreme temperatures and the wear and tear it can cause.

Seamless Vinyl Siding differs from the standard vinyl siding in that it is on a roll in it is dispensed just like a roll of tape. Seamless vinyl siding provides excellent insulation, is fire retardant and repels insects and other household pests. In addition, seamless vinyl siding does not have the seams found in traditional siding and therefore provides a more uniform and pleasing appearance.

Smooth Vinyl Siding has no discernable texture on the surface and is the typical style that most people imagine for vinyl siding. Smooth vinyl siding provides a sleek, modern look that is typcially available in a wide array of colors.

Wood Vinyl Siding can be a great option for your home - especially for the resale value. Wood vinyl siding is any vinyl siding that is made to resemble a natural wood siding. The obvious upside is that vinyl requires considerably less maintenance and will typically last much longer -- and at a much lower price.

Vinyl Log Siding is made to look like real wood but is made from vinyl and offers ease of installation. Constructed from real log siding patterns, vinyl log siding offers the natural look of a log cabin.

Vinyl Shake Siding can create not only a fair amount of detail, but also a unique, warm look to the exterior of your home. You can use it in conjunction with other siding materials, such as stone or brick, to create a one-of-a-kind siding style for your home.

Vinyl Siding Shingles are made to look like cedar, oak, etc. There are two main types of shingles, including the #1 grade, or the blue label, which are the best types of cedar shingles and are used on the outer surface of the home; and #2 grade, or the red label, which are also nice and work best as an under layer.

Vinyl Coatings - Vinyl Coatings are a generic name for liquid vinyl siding. A vinyl coating is a spray-on pvc application that is made from polymers and resins. The coating, which ends up being about the width of a credit card, is sprayed or painted on the exerior of a home. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of liquid siding, although everyone agrees that if it applied incorrectly it can be very damaging.

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