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Nailite Vinyl Siding

Nailite's Polypropylene specialty siding panels are manufactured with injection-molding technology using a durable Polypropylene formula. The color-through resin panels contain polymers to shield against the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and stabilizers for protection from intense heat.Nailite vinyl siding offers great look and feel.

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Nailite Siding Offer Authentic Look and Feel

The realistic panels and matching corners offer the authentic look and feel of real cedar, brick and stone with less maintenance and lower costs than these natural products. More than twice the thickness of conventional siding, Nailite siding is strong and durable. Nailite commits that all products meet or exceed the guidelines set forth by the ICC Evaluation Service, Inc, NER-580. In addition, Nailite siding can be easily cleaned using a garden hose and a soft bristle brush. The Nailite product line includes RoughSawn Cedar, Hand-Split Shake, Cedar Pride EZ, Cape Cod Perfection EZ, Perfection Plus Cedar, Scalloped Perfection, Hand-Laid Brick and Hand-Cut Stone.

For added convenience and accuracy in your decision making, Nailite provides an online virtual makeover for the consumer to visualize their various siding types and styles of housing effects. In addition, the home page for the homeowners segment of the site shows how each of their products look on houses, so you'll know exactly what you're getting.

The Nailite warranty provides 100 percent labor and material coverage against defects in the product for the first eight years and continued coverage at scaled rates for the life of the products to any properly registered homeowner who originally purchased the product and any properly registered transferee. For the purposes of this warranty, "defects" means fading beyond normal weathering, blistering, peeling or displaying excessive chalking.

In addition, the company's warranty provides hail damage coverage to give the consumer peace of mind during stormy weather. All Nailite siding orders are placed through an installer and a Nailite distributor.

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