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Discover Mastic Vinyl Siding

For over 80 years, Mastic Home Exteriors has offered innovative products, quality and tons of decorative options for homeowners to choose from. In fact, the history of siding solutions can practically trace its roots back to Mastic Home Exteriors.

Mastic prides itself on quality and innovation and offers exterior siding products for just about every style of home, as well as every budget. And finding a color choice you can live with is a piece of cake! Gone are the days of having to scrape, paint and stain wood siding. With Mastic vinyl siding products, there is virtually no maintenance required. Simply install it and forget it!

The History Of Mastic Home Exteriors

As far back as 1932, Mastic began to transform the exterior siding market by introducing an innovative product known as InselBric®. This asphalt-based product was low maintenance and durable, while still being attractive.

Mastic remained an innovator of the market with the introduction of vinyl siding in 1959. This was a breakthrough that would pave the way for how many homes are sided to this day. Thirty years later, the company joined Alcoa Home Exteriors, a leader in the aluminum market, expanding product lines and increasing quality.

The company is now back to being called Mastic Home Exteriors and is part of the Ply Gem family of products. For over 80 years, the company has been offering quality and innovative siding products to the exterior cladding market. They offer a premium line of vinyl and aluminum cladding, as well as other accessories, such as exterior shutters, moldings, columns and more. Vinyl siding is still their primary product offering, however.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Product Lines

There are a variety of Mastic products to choose from. Here are some to consider:

Quest™ - Ques offers the authentic look of wood with the unmatched performance and durability of vinyl. There are tons of options for customization with this product. It comes in 35 base colors and you can choose from over 700 DreamColor™ hues. So, the color possibilities are virtually endless!

Ovation™ - Options are the name of the game when it comes to Mastic, and Ovation™ is no exception. This product is available in more than 20 different colors, as well as four different styles, so you've got lots to choose from when decorating the outside of your home.

Carvedwood - 44™ - A great option that offers the authentic look of real wood, and prides itself on its strength and durability as well. Choose from 23 base colors and over 700 DreamColor™ hues to find just the right look to fit your home and your personal style.

Charleston Beaded® - Want the classic and traditional look of Southern living without the maintenance and upkeep? Then Charleston Beaded® is for you, with its crisp lines and distinctive textures.

Board & Batten - If a traditional Craftsman style home is what you are seeking, then you may want to consider Mastic's Board & Batten. This distinctive wood-grain-look cladding boasts crisp lines that run vertically down the siding, as well as authentic shadow patterns that make it look like real wood board & batten siding.

Mill Creek® - This wood alternative offers a more rustic finish than some of Mastic's other siding options, offering a beautiful and durable option for your home's exterior. It is a great option for value conscious consumers and offers a multitude of options, with thirteen color choices.

Silhouette Classic™ - This is a sleek and straight profile siding that looks like real wood and can be used to enhance just about any style home. It offers a superior locking system that imbues added strength and stability to the finished and installed product, even when those winds start blowing.

Liberty Elite® - This technologically advanced cladding gives you the look and feel of freshly painted wood, but boasts exceptional strength and durability. It can stand up to whatever Mother Nature has to offer, including high winds.

Trademark® - This is Mastic's most economical option in premium vinyl siding products. The lower cost product still looks like real wood and offers low maintenance weatherability and dependability.

Despite the long list of Mastic home exterior siding products listed here, there are even more options to consider, such as T-LOK Barkwood® and Brentwood® , as well as the company's Performance Metals® Envoy® Aluminum Siding.

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