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Learn More About Heartland Vinyl Siding

Heartland produces vinyl siding that is attractive, as well as durable and long-lasting -- regardless of whether you are putting siding on a new home or you are looking to replace your current siding.

There are a number of reasons why the siding products offered by Heartland are worth a second look, and most of them are due to the advanced technologies and dedication to quality that Heartland employs in the manufacturing of their products.

Heartland - Commitment to Quality

Heartland is dedicated to preserving the architectural integrity and traditional looks of America's homes, and the company does that by combining advanced technologies with a commitment to quality. In 2009, Heartland Siding became a ProVia company. ProVia is a leader in the building products industry located in Mississippi and is committed to offering long-lasting and dependable products with a focus on customer service.

Heartland vinyl siding is not only manufactured to be durable and long lasting, but is crafted to be elegant and attractive and to mimic the look of natural wood without the high maintenance requirements and other disadvantages that siding with wood entails. Heartland's vinyl siding products require virtually no maintenance, other than an occasional cleaning off with a hose, making the choice of selecting this product not only one that will look good from the outset, but one that will retain its good looks without a large investment of time or additional money to keep it looking its best. Find out more about maintaining vinyl siding.

Here are a few of the advanced technologies that make Heartland siding long lasting, beautiful, durable and virtually maintenance free, as well as a few other reasons why Heartland Vinyl Siding may be just the choice for your home's exterior.

Super Polymer Technology

Heartland Super Polymer vinyl siding is manufactured with an exclusive polymer formulation that is effective at resisting cracking and fading, as well as thermal expansion and contraction. The polymers and additives are blended by computerized technology to ensure that quality and color remains consistent throughout the product. What does this mean to you? It means that your siding will last a long time, will retain its looks and color, and will be virtually maintenance free. Interested in learning more about vinyl siding colors?

The polymer technology used during the manufacturing of Heartland siding results in extreme color retention, protection from UV damage, reduction of heat distortion, resistance to negative consequences from impact due to the siding's strength and resiliency, and low maintenance requirements.

Tri-Pigment Reflective Technology

Color is an important aspect in choosing a siding product, not just at the outset, but how that color will hold up over time, especially when exposed to the harmful rays of the sun. Heartland's tri-pigment reflective technology is designed to provide maximum color saturation and to maintain that color well over time.

Three inorganic pigments are utilized during an online colorization process to ensure maximum color saturation. Since the process is computerized, color accuracy is ensured throughout the process.

To help the siding retain its rich color, the technology helps deflect the sun's damaging infrared rays and reflect solar heat build-up in the home's exterior walls. This increases color retention, reduces fading, and also diminishes the amount of heat build-up in the exterior walls of the home.

See how vinyl siding compares to other siding products.

Weather Barrier Shield

Heartland's weather barrier shield technology helps to guard against color loss, fading and cracking, and minimizes the expansion and contraction of the vinyl siding due to fluctuations in temperatures. The materials used to create the weather barrier shield are highly concentrated on the surface of the vinyl siding panel, where the siding is most exposed to the elements of the weather, but are also evident throughout the panel as well.

Titanium dioxide and SPX-2000 UV Blocker are some of the additives used in Heartland vinyl siding to create a weather barrier shield that deflects the harmful UV rays from the sun and minimizes color fading.

Heartland Siding Product Lines

Heartland Siding product lines include CedarMAX - Cedar Peaks - Board 'n Batten Vertical - Traditional - Arbor Glen - HeartTech - Autumnwood Collection - Ultra - Cedarbrook Rough Cut Cedar Shake - Cedarbrook Scalloped Ornamental Rounds.

Heartland Soffit Products

Heartland Soffits include Universal Soffit - Heart Tech Soffit - Woodhaven Soffit Hidden Vent - Woodhaven Soffit Solid - Beaded Soffit/ Wainscot.

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