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Crane Vinyl Siding

As other siding companies have loudly flourished, touting ever-changing technologies and products, Crane Siding has quietly, but effectively, continued business as usual, reveling in the fact that when it comes to many of the siding products on the marketing today, Crane did it -- or had it -- first. Founded in the late 1940s in Ohio, Crane Siding was originally Crane Plastics. However, as the company evolved, Crane Siding quickly began taking shape, developing the first extrusion die system in the 1950s. This system was for solid vinyl siding and went on to be mass produced and marketed by a number of major siding companies, including those like Crane that are still around today.

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Crane Siding Is The Rock of the Siding Industry

Since the 1970s, Crane Siding has marketed its own special brand of siding, which has kept customers returning ever since. Known for its double-clapboard siding, Crane has spent the last 30 years re-introducing the public to its manufacturing genius through such products as Solid Core Siding and Crane Performance Siding, which now offers at least five different brands of vinyl siding for both cosmetic and functional purposes. The five top brands include: American Dream, Premium Pointe 360, Oracle, Market Square and Carolina Sands. Each of these five have their own particular brand of beauty with their own specific concept, in terms of what they offer.

In addition to those five products, Crane Performance Siding also offers a full line of products that act as an accompaniment to general siding, including trim options and a gutter guard package. Crane offers a lifetime warranty on all of its product, touting it as the strongest in the industry. Moreover, Crane doesn't offer a siding product with low or little siding maintenance, but rather no maintenance. In fact, Crane Siding promises it's customer they won't have to paint their siding to make it look better -- ever; that's the company promise.

Crane Siding also offer a special Exterior Portfolio of different brands, including it's super popular CraneBoard. Included in this collection is free accent and roofing products, customized to maximize the cosmetic potential for your home or business. CraneBoard is one of the best performing, most consistent siding products on the market today. It was designed to breathe and keep any excess moisture out. Crane Siding has also taken the time to ensure that CraneBoard is more than 200% more resistant to impact than even some kinds of cement! You can find CraneBoard products in at least 17 different siding colors and reduce notice by more than 40%, making this siding option perfect for everyone.

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