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Alside Vinyl Siding

Founded in the late 1940s, Alside Siding is a staple in the American home building industry. Still on the leading siding manufacturers today, Alside was founded by Jerome Kaufman, who is also the investor of the first baked enamel aluminum siding for residential structures.

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Alside Siding Rests Its Laurels On A Deep-Rooted History

Drawing on its foundation of durability combined with outstanding customer service, Alside Siding products are found in more than 90 supply centers as well as independent distributors scattered around the country. In fact, operating now as a division of Associated Materials, Inc., Alside is reaching new heights in the industry and offering its experience and expertise through memberships with prestigious siding associations such as The Vinyl Siding Institute, The American Association of Architects, The National Association of Home Builders and several others. While offering a number of products, Alside also makes it a point to educate the general public about the pros and cons of various siding products, helping homeowners and builders to make informed decisions. Morever, it's product inventory is diverse and unmatched, with a pure plethora of siding materials available for purchase.

Some of Alside's top-selling products include:

In fact, Charter Oak is one Alside's flagship siding products, boasting brand recognition for exception quality, durability that is unmatched by any other and low maintenance.

Another exception product offered by Alside Siding is Board & Batten, a vertical siding option that has a distinguished 5 ½" board face with an accompaniment of 1-1/2" batten. This is top of the line siding for homes that not only want to stand out for cosmetic appeal, but rely on a product that works as it should, standing up to the test of time and nature.

Thick siding products are in high demand currently, which is why Cypress Creek Variegated Siding, which is designed to hide imperfection in the wall of your home, is such a big seller. CenterLock Energy Choice focuses on making your home more energy efficient and in fact, according to Alside, can chop your energy bill by as much as 20%!

Alside features a long list of siding product, all with varying features designed to protect your home from the elements and moisture while still ensuring it looks great! Take the time to peruse around the Alside Siding site or visit a supply center near you to get an up-close look at all that this prestigious siding company has to offer homeowners and new construction builders/remodelers.

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