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Alcoa Vinyl Siding

Alcoa Home Exteriors, a division of Ply Gem Industries, is a well-known siding brand with a reputation for quality, high-performance products. Based in Kearney, Missouri, Alcoa vinyl siding caters to customers with siding that performs well, boasts exceptional workmanship and durability and requires little to no work on behalf of the homeowner in the way of maintenance.

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Alcoa Home Exteriors Helps Customers Understand Benefits of Vinyl Siding

There are four major categories offered by Alcoa, which include: Super Premium, Premium, Standard and Economy. Alcoa takes great care to ensure that customers understand the differences between these project categories and offer lengthy explanations on their Web site, breaking down siding color choices and various styles. The idea is to enhance the shopping experience for potential homeowners and builders, allowing them to peruse the various choices in siding, choosing the one that works best for their structure and budget.

Alcoa Home Exteriors understands that the needs of the consumer is constantly changing. After all, vinyl siding shares have almost doubled in the last ten years, as people move to seek out more affordable siding options that still offer style and reliability. In fact, according to Alcoa, vinyl siding has become the single most preferred siding material in the construction/remodeling industry. This has a lot do with its level of affordability as well as how durable it is and how well vinyl siding works with other home exterior accents.

The site itself is touted by Alcoa as a tool to help consumers understand the particulars of choosing a siding material. In addition to breaking down various concepts and commonly used terms, the site allows customers to match up siding with potential trim options and do some research before consulting with a siding contractor. In fact, Alcoa aims to provide consumers with as much information as possible ahead of meeting with a siding contractor to allow them to make informed decisions. The information provided on the Alcoa site is not just about Alcoa products, but also about siding products in general and how to choose a material that's the best for your particular needs.

Alcoa also offers a guide to the different accents used to accentuate your siding, including various moldings, window casings, corner posts and more. There is also a design center on the Alcoa site that allows customers to mix and match products for an actual glimpse of how they look together. Alcoa strives to help homeowners and builders utilize a variety of siding options to ensure that the structure in question looks appealing with siding that is also strong and efficient.

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