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Vinyl Log Siding

Today's log cabins are different from those built by Swedish settlers in the 1700s. The more durable cabins of today are available in many styles. One option builders now use is log cabin siding. Log siding is made of real wood and offers the installation ease of wood siding. Constructed with half logs, log siding does not pose the risk of log settling, yet offers the natural look of a log cabin.

Cost-Efficiency of Log Siding

Using log siding costs less than using full diameter logs. Log siding saves homeowners money because it is mass-produced and easy to install. In addition to having lower purchase and labor costs, insulated log siding is more energy efficient and, thanks to its half-log structure, more environmentally friendly. Read more on vinyl siding cost

Vinyl Log Siding Design

Log cabin siding can be applied to a new structure or can replace or enhance logs of an existing home. Log siding is available in a variety of siding styles and sizes to give your home the look of an original log cabin.

Vinyl Log Siding

Vinyl log siding offers a low-maintenance option for your log cabin. Vinyl siding does not require staining, sealing, insect prevention, or refinishing and will not splinter or rot. In addition, vinyl siding works well in all climates and can be easily maintained by power washing a few times per year. Vinyl log siding offers the look of traditional log siding with the lower cost and maintenance of vinyl siding. It can be used on both new construction homes and for remodeling existing structures.

Vinyl Log Siding Design Options

Vinyl log siding offers many style and color options. Vinyl log siding can be painted and is available in many wood finishes, including cedar and pine. The variety of available textures and colors give vinyl log siding an authentic wood look. In addition, trim pieces are available in a variety of designs to complement your log cabin look.

Vinyl Log Siding Installation

Like any vinyl siding, vinyl log siding is easier to install and will, therefore, require lower labor costs. A professional vinyl siding contractor can help give your home the rustic look of a log cabin.

Timbermill Log Cabin Vinyl Siding

Timbermill log vinyl siding is made from TempRite CPVC. The insulated polystyrene foam backing mimics real logs by reducing noise and preventing air leaks and water infiltration. Timbermill vinyl log siding is an energy-efficient option for your log cabin look.

As a low-maintenance, energy efficient alternative to logs, vinyl log siding and log cabin vinyl siding can give your home a rustic log cabin look with less expense!

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