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Vertical Vinyl Siding

Vertical siding is yet another form of siding, more in line with the traditional look of exterior home siding. The most common form of vertical siding is board and batten; however, as siding trends continue to evolve, newer materials are becoming more common to mimic the look of wood siding without the cost associated with the real material.

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Consult With Vertical Siding Experts Before Installing On Your Home's Exterior

The traditional approach to vertical siding involved 1'x12' wood boards that are nailed onto the subsiding of the home. The boards are then joined together and then each is covered with another strip of wood. This look creates a rustic decor, similar to a cabin.

There is another type of vertical siding called TI-11, which actually imitates the look of board and batten siding and comes in sheet measuring 4'X8'. This material is usually already primed and ready to be painted. It is cheap to purchase and fairly easy to install. In fact, in most new construction or remodeling situations, particularly where cost is a factor, this type of siding is replacing authentic board and batten materials.

Concrete composite panels are another material that is being used more frequently in vertical siding. HardiePanel is the main type of composite panel used in this situation, manufactured by James Hardie, a premier siding company. This cement siding comes in panels of 4'x8' and is usually ready to paint. It is more durable than wood or wood composite.

In many instances, vinyl siding has become more relevant than other types of siding, such as the more traditional aluminum. Both aluminum and vinyl vertical siding are installed in a similar fashion and can often be grouped together in terms of installation instructions. Many companies say that homeowners can install both kinds of siding, though it can be complex. In fact, siding projects are usually best left to professionals to ensure that the job is completed properly the first time.

When hiring a siding contractor, be sure to consult on the type of materials being used in the vertical siding installation. Ask for tips on how to maintain your siding to ensure it looks and performs well, even in bad weather or cases of extreme heat. A siding professional will also be able to tell you vertical siding is the best choice for your home and if not, recommend some other options.


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