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Solid Core Vinyl Siding

One of the biggest problems faced by vinyl siding manufacturers has always been how to properly attach siding to the exterior of a home. When you touch standard vinyl siding on houses, it might feel less than solid. As well, the walls of many wood framed homes are not completely flat.

In addition, with thin vinyl siding, you would not be able to achieve a uniform and securely positioned siding that is flush with the walls. The reason for this is that most siding follows each bump and dip of the previous siding strip. What's more, many vinyl siding products that resemble wood have a curl in the lap. This curl is an easy giveaway that the product on the home is siding and not real wood.

The Advantages of Solid Core Vinyl Siding

Solid core vinyl siding solves many of these problems. This type is siding is a solid foam core which allows it to lay incredibly flat to an exterior wall of the home. With an R-value of 4.0, this greatly exceeds the R- value of less than 1.0 found in traditional vinyl siding. An R-value is the measurement of resistance to either heat gain or heat loss. The greater the value, the greater energy is saved for the homeowner. Solid core vinyl siding is so energy efficient it has been given an Energy Star label.

Solid core vinyl siding has a foam core laminated to the back that interlock when they are installed on the home. The result is a solid foam barrier around the entire exterior of the home. This also helps in treating better insulation and better energy savings for the homeowner. Another benefit is less damage from air, water or past damage to the exterior walls. Finally, the new siding provides better sound insulation in the quieter and more peaceful home environment.

Solid core vinyl siding is some 300% more impact resistant to traditional vinyl siding. This is a particularly important feature given the fact that replacement siding is very difficult to match after 10 to 15 year period. For instance, if a home were hit with an old golf ball or some other object, the siding might not be able to be repaired and the homeowner would have to replace the siding and would be hard-pressed to match the color perfectly. With this foam core siding, this maintenance issue is rarely, if ever, an issue.

Foam core vinyl siding may have available trim pieces that can be installed along with the siding strips. These trim pieces for outside corner pieces are very attractive and are also available in wide profile window and door trim pieces. Proponents of solid core vinyl siding contend that its appearance is second to none.

Today, nearly every major vinyl siding company offers some option of foam backed or foam filled siding. Well it is true that foam filled or solid core of vinyl siding is more expensive than traditional siding, it is also true that from a long-term perspective it may be the most is cost effective vinyl siding alternative for many home owners.


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