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Brick Vinyl Siding

Brick vinyl siding is a great solution for homeowners who want the beautiful look of a brick exterior, without the prohibitive cost of material and labor. Brick vinyl siding may sound like a contradiction in terms, however, there are a couple of companies that make a style of brick vinyl siding. These products try and imitate the look of red brick or other styles of real stone; they often use real stone to create the molds and create unique panels. This innovative technique uses panels made of polyurethane.

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Brick Vinyl Siding Products

Many homeowners begin to seriously consider brick vinyl siding after they have priced out materials and labor for a new brick exterior. Brick vinly siding combines the look of real brick at a much lower price point. Good brick vinyl siding can look very realistic and often is available in a number of colors.

Nailite Hand-Laid Brick

Nailite offers a hand-laid Brick line that looks real, is relatively easy to install and is much more affordable than the real brick option. Brick vinyl siding colors: Nailite offers their faux brick vinyl siding in 6 colors; colonial white, buff blend, used buff red blend, used red and char brown.

Genstone Faux Brick Siding

Genstone Products offers an affordable and economical alternative to natural rock, brick or stone. These products add a great face to a home, without the high cost and maintenance that is typical of brick, stone and rock veneers.Their simulated brick siding molds are produced using actual stone face for a very realistic look. The brick, stone or rock is durable and weatherproof, requires little or no maintenance, has insulating properties and can be applied to many surfaces. These may include exterior walls, window trims, deck siding, porch pillars foundation skirts and more. In addition, GenStone products come with a limited 25-year warranty against peeling, blistering, rotting, corrosion, delaminationing, rusting, flaking and excessive fading.

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