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Viny Siding Warranty Basics

When it comes to a vinyl siding warranty, you are often dealing with two separate warranties, one for the product itself and one for the installation of the product. The product warranty always comes directly from the siding manufacturer. The installation warranty should come from the company that installs your product.

In some cases, you will be dealing with the same company for both the product and installation warranty. This scenario has an obvious upside - namely, that if anything goes wrong with your siding, you know exactly who is at fault. The installer typically knows the product very well and can avoid any issues that go along with the particular product. In addition, there is only one vinyl siding warranty involved. The potential downside is higher costs.

If you have the siding installed by someone other than the manufacturer or distributor, you may get a separate warranty related to the installation alone. With all that being said, learn how to find the best siding warranties.

Best Vinyl Siding Warranty Information

One word of advice before reading the information contained below. This article only offers general information related to typical warranty information from manufacturers and installers, but is not meant to imply that any warranty you receive will be exactly the same. While this is intended to give you an idea of what many of the major manufacturers and most quality installers will offer, it is only a guideline. It is always best to ask about the included warranty when you are looking to purchase your siding. If you are not having the siding installed by the same company that is selling it to you, it is also important to ask about what actions or terms will void the warranty or make certain aspects no longer covered or applicable.

Most manufacturer warranties contain a clause that states that the manufacturer does not warrant the product against problems or damage that are caused by improper installation. If the same company is not doing the installation, it is important to make sure that the installers will warrant their installation in case anything goes wrong and damages the product. Otherwise, you will not be covered under any warranty for the damage.

It is best to ask about all warranty information prior to making any purchases or committing to any installers. Insist on getting a hard copy of the warranty, read it over in its entirety and hold onto it along with any other important information you receive regarding the purchase and installation of your vinyl siding product. If you have a problem a few years down the road, you want to know where you can find your warranty so you can see if you are covered and how to go about contacting the company about remedying the problem.

Many of the larger companies that sell vinyl siding will also have installers on staff or will contract out to certain installers that they trust to correctly install the product. Others will recommend that you hire one of the installers off of their list of recommended contractors. Still others will simply sell you the siding but you are on your own to find a qualified installer and some homeowners only want to purchase the siding product but plan on installing the siding themselves. Who ultimately does the installation of the siding will determine how the warranty is structured.

For those companies that not only sell the siding but also install it, you will probably receive a warranty that covers both the product and the installation. If you use another installer, whether it is someone the company recommends, someone you find on your own, or you are installing the product yourself, be sure to check that your decision does not make any warranty null and void or alter the conditions of the product warranty. You should also receive a separate warranty from any installer.

Siding Manufacturer Warranties

When it comes to the siding product itself, manufacturer warranties will vary by the company that manufactures the siding and by the specific product itself. Even among the same manufacturer, some different products will have different terms in their warranty. Typically, the more expensive the product, the better the warranty because it is considered a superior product, but this may not always be the case.

Here is some general information about some of the larger manufacturer's warranty information. This list is not relevant to every product but is just intended to give you an idea of some of the various terms found in some manufacturers' warranties.

James Hardie Siding Warranty - The James Hardie Company warrants their siding material for 50 years, their soffits for 25 years and their trim for 10 years.

CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Warranty - CertainTeed's warranties vary by each product they offer. One example of their warranty information is that they warrant their Wolverine Millennium line to withstand up to 180 mph winds if installed properly with

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their "wont' blow off" provision.

Champion Vinyl Siding Warranty - Champion provides lifetime protection on materials and installation of their products, which is fully transferable. They warrant against peeling, blistering, pitting, and corrosion. They also provide coverage for hail damage and chalking.

Crane Siding Warranty - The Crane Company offers a lifetime warranty on every product they sell. They promise their customers that their superior siding products will require no maintenance and that the siding will never have to be repainted.

Nailtite Siding Warranty - The Nailtite Company warrants their products against defects for the first eight years with 100% coverage for material and labor and then continued coverage for the life of the product at a scaled rate. The warranty is valid for any homeowner that purchases the product and is properly registered, as well as any properly registered transferee. Their definition of defects relate to what they consider excessive fading beyond what is considered normal weathering, blistering, peeling or excessive chalking.

Life of the Structure Warranty - With a Life of the Structure provision, the manufacturer warrants against any defects in the product as well as any installation related issues as well. The manufacturer is willing to warrant the quality of the installer's work and cover any potential installation errors. The manufacturer warrants against installation errors or problems because they have authorized or accredited certain installers that understand the specifics of the proper installation techniques.

Warranties From Installers

Every siding installer will have a different variation on terms and conditions as it relates to the amount of time the the product is covered, what conditions are covered, and what the remedies will be under the terms of the warranty. As with the manufacturers warranties detailed above, you should only use the information provided here to give you a general idea of what may be included; always read over the document thoroughly to understand as many details as possible. Here is a sample installation warranty.

Initial wording: "We hereby warrant the vinyl siding improvements made to the property listed on this warranty against defective installation. This warranty covers the installation of the vinyl siding only and extends for the duration of xxx years beginning on the date as stated above. This warranty extends to the original purchaser only and cannot be transferred.

Conditions Not Covered

This limited warranty only covers damages that arise solely from defects as a result of the installation process of the vinyl siding performed at this residence on xxx date. Damages that occur only under normal use and service of the product are covered. We are not responsible for any damage that results from accidental damages, negligence, ordinary wear, settlement or failure of the structure (including foundation and walls), improper care, failure to follow reasonable maintenance requirements, fire, wind, flood, lightening, acts of God, normal weathering of the surface, problems resulting from mold or mildew, exposure to chemicals or atmospheric pollution, insect infestation or intentional acts of abuse.

Registering The Warranty

In order for this limited installation warranty to be valid, the original purchaser must read the terms of the warranty in its entirety and sign this warranty agreement below. The agreement must then be returned to the installation contractor within thirty days following the completion of the installation of the siding products in order for the purchaser to be covered by the warranty. The installation contractor will sign the warranty upon receipt from the original purchaser of the installation services and will return a copy of the signed warranty to the original purchaser, which will be proof of a valid and registered installation warranty. The warranty will be active only once all siding installation work has been paid for in full.

Claims Procedure

If within the active warranty period you deem there to be a defect in your siding product due to the installation performed by ABC Company, you must submit a claim to us in writing within thirty days of discovery of the defect. You will need to provide your name, address, phone number, description of the defect or damage, original date of installation and a copy of your signed warranty. Photos of the damage can also be included but are not required. Once your claim has been received, we will be entitled to a reasonable opportunity to inspect the defect or damage and determine what the best course of action is to remedy the damage if we find it to be covered under the terms of this limited warranty. If we determine that the defect or damage is covered under this warranty, we reserve the right to repair or replace the vinyl siding product affected by the damage at our discretion or to refund the purchase price of the original product that was installed, including installation costs. In no event will our obligation under this limited warranty exceed the original cost of the product installation paid by the original purchaser.

Other General Information

ABC Company makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, except as stated within the terms of this limited warranty. We shall not be liable for any additional damages, including incidental, special or consequential damages of any kind resulting from the breach of any warranties set forth herein or with respect to the vinyl siding installation that is covered by this warranty. The extent of our liability and the owner's exclusive remedy is limited as set forth within the terms of this signed agreement.

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