Vinyl Siding Thickness

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Vinyl Siding Thickness

One of the first things to look at when choosing siding is panel thickness because the thickness, or gauge, of the vinyl is the key to its durability and cost. The thicker the vinyl is, the longer it lasts, the better it withstands damage, and the more stable it is.

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Vinyl Siding Thickness

Of course, the thicker the vinyl is, the more it costs. Thickness can vary from .35 millimeters in cheaper siding products to up to .55 millimeters in the highest grade products. Today, the thinnest vinyl siding commonly used is .40 millimeters and is called builder's grade. The most common vinyl siding options range from .040"-.045" thick but premium brands are available up to .055" thick. Here's the full spectrum of options: Builder Grade (.040), Thin Residential Grade (.042), Standard Residential Grade (.044), Thick Residential Grade (.046) & Super Thick Grade (.050). So what's the practical difference between the different grades?

If a panel is too thin, it can show flaws in the wall underneath. Thicker vinyl products are more rigid, which can add to the aesthetic appeal and look of the finished installation, add flexibility and durability, and also increase life expectancy. Thicker grades of vinyl siding don't crack as easily in very cold weather or when struck or bumped. » Apply today for a vinyl siding cost estimate.

Gentek Vinyl Siding Thickness Profile

Gentek Advantage™ III Vinyl Siding Thickness: 0.042"

Gentek Berkshire™ Beaded Vinyl Siding Thickness: 0.046"

Gentek Concord™ Vinyl Siding Thickness: 0.042"

Gentek Driftwood™ Vinyl Siding Thickness: 0.040"

Gentek Northern™ Vinyl Siding Thickness: 0.046" for D4, D5 & D5 Dutch and 0.050" for Vertical Board & Batten

Gentek Sequoia Select Vinyl Siding Thickness: 0.046"

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