5 Tips on Vinyl siding colors

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5 Tips on Vinyl siding colors

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Vinyl Siding Color Tip #1

There's an old saying in the home improvement business; measure twice, cut once. When it comes to selecting vinyl siding, the same (sort of) holds true - research thoroughly, choose once. Vinyl siding is going to be on your home for many years to come so make sure to get it right the first time. While vinyl siding can be painted, "Will I like these vinyl siding colors in 10, 20, 30+ years?" Yes you can paint vinyl siding but painting it kind of defeats the purpose. If you like to change the color of your home every so often then maybe you should consider fiber cement siding or cedar siding. 2. Pick YOUR Vinyl Siding Colors OUTDOORS! Indoor lighting and outdoor lighting are almost always very different. Because of this fact, we've always suggested that homeowners pick their siding colors outdoors because that is where their siding will be ... make sense? Also, colors (especially with vinyl siding) will often appear differently in direct sunlight, overcast & other outdoor lighting situations. 3. Ask for Color References When you settle on some vinyl siding colors you like - ask for a list of homes in your area with the colors you are interested in. Most vinyl siding suppliers & manufacturers can obtain this list for you. 4. Special Order Siding Colors? Sometimes certain colors are special order but keep in mind if need more siding down the road they might not have it anymore. 5. Order Extra Vinyl Siding to ensure a Perfect Color Match? It's a very good idea to order a little extra vinyl siding for potentially need repairs. Don't bank on the vinyl siding supplier having your exact color down the road. Vinyl siding manufacturers discontinue colors more often than you might think. Also, different ‘runs' of vinyl siding can differ in color, sometimes slightly and other times the color might be a whole shade different. 100 square feet (1 square in siding terms) should cost under $120 in most cases. You might want a square or two. A few pieces of the window trim, sill trim & a corner post or two might be useful to store also. You will need a flat, protected area to store your extra vinyl siding.

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