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Today, there are many rich color options that will stand up to the damaging effects of the sun and provide a great look for your home's exterior. In fact, there has never been a larger spectrum of vinyl siding colors, including darker options featuring bold, rich earth tones, barn reds, hunter greens, deep blues, and more. Let's take a look at some industry changes that have led to these new product lines, examine available color options and see a few brand-name vinyl siding manufacturers.

Choosing the right vinyl siding colors is an important long term decision for the overall look of your home. It is important to always select colors that look good under different light conditions - early morning, in direct sunlight, when in the shadows, etc. It won't take long to realize that certain colors look different when in direct sunlight as opposed to when shadowed by trees or other objects. Also, always double check your fade warranty and see how the manufacturer handles this important issue.

Vinyl Siding Color Combinations

In the past, siding was composed of polyvinyl chloride, which caused darker siding colors to fade. Today, the coating of vinyl products is an acrylic material that is more resistant to damaging elements. So while more traditional pastel and earthy color tones are still available, vinyl siding is now offered in a wider array of darker color combinations -- bold colors such as sage green, barn red and rich blues. In fact, some 350 colors meet the ASTM standard for color retention and are thus highly fade resistant.

Color Choices

In the past, lighter colors like whites, beiges, and tans were the most popular choices for home vinyl siding. Not only did they resist fading like darker colors, but they also provided a bright, clean, and warm home exterior.

While lighter colors remain a popular choice today, darker shades are starting to appear in newer, more contemporary homes. Darker vinyl siding is being mixed with other materials, like brick or stone, to create a unique look. Blues and brown colored siding are increasingly popular choices for vinyl siding colors.

Listed below are just a few of the basic color choices that are now available. Each of these colors come in a wide array of variations and are equally resistant to the effects of the sun and environment.

- White - Tan - Yellow - Cream - Maple - Clay - Gray - Granite - Blue - Green - Brown

Things to Look For In Siding Colors

While advances in technology have increased the lifespan and color choices, there are a couple of precautions that you should take to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want for your home.


Most vinyl siding manufacturers will offer warranties on their product. You should be sure to compare the warranties from these different companies in order to ensure that you are receiving the best quality in your siding. Darker siding is a relatively new innovation. A 10-year warranty will provide confidence that your siding won't start to fade in year five.

Vinyl siding is becoming more and more advanced throughout the years. It's durability, ease of installation, and appearances are dramatically improving. Researching a vinyl siding company and consulting with a contractor will allow you to make the best choice in vinyl siding for your home. Whether that choice is a lighter color, or a rich, darker one.

Brand Names Choices

Listed below are details about a few brand name suppliers of advanced products.


Certainteed offers lots of different vinyl siding color combinations. One tool they provide is their ColorView, an interactive web tool that lets you create your own exterior using sample photos of homes and different styles and colors of vinyl siding. Check out CertainTeed's Vinyl Siding Color Combination Tool

Royal Building Products

Royal's vinyl siding combines Luran® S ASA, BASF's benchmark color-fast engineering thermoplastic with the Royalside Compound and Dura Technology Process, to create a rich, dark, and color-fast product. The combination of these technologies creates siding that provides industry leading UV resistance and protection against fading and discoloration. Royal Building Products also provide excellent impact resistance, even under the harshest of weather conditions.

Norman Rockwell

The color options available with Norman Rockwell Siding are inspired by the illustrations of Rockwell. These illustrations defined the American Dream, depicting structures with rich, deep colors, like Forest, Mahogany, and Barn Red. These color options are now available in a low-maintenance siding product from Norman Rockwell.

Alcoa's Dreamcolor

You can match virtually and color, shade, or tone by using Alcoa's website. They have over 700 colors available which will allow you to match your existing siding or develop an entirely new look for your home.

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