Vinyl siding calculator tallies your bottom line

Ready for vinyl siding but not sure where to begin? Start with plenty of research into the vinyl siding you want. Once you have determined that, it's time to calculate the exterior square footage of your home in order to get a rough estimate of what price you should expect.

Calculating exterior square footage

To figure out your square footage, you need a long measuring tape, paper, pencil and a bit of patience.

Measure each section of your home's exterior. You will need to know the width of each wall as well as the height. For homes with triangular shapes, such as the facing of a garage roof, measure the width across the bottom and the height at the top of the triangle.

  1. Multiply the width and height of each wall. This will give you the square footage. For example, a wall of 10 feet in width and 10 feet in height will be 100 square feet. For those triangular shapes, multiply the width and height, then divide the answer by 2.
  2. Do this with each wall or section of your home. Then add all of the numbers together, and you have the square footage you can expect for vinyl siding.
  3. To make things easier, always round off to the highest number. It is better to err on the side of too much siding than planning for too little. Your siding contractor will take care of the exact measurements.

Start with the vinyl siding calculator

When you have figured out the square footage of your home, the rest is easy: simply plug the numbers into the vinyl siding calculator and the estimated cost will appear. You will see the industry average for a home your size, as well as the lowest and highest expected estimates.

Keep in mind that this gives you a ballpark estimate, not an exact number. It also calculates based on the cost of siding, which may or may not include installation. However, it does give you a good baseline to work from when it is time to tweak your budget and start serious shopping for materials and installation.

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