Vinyl siding calculator: compare material costs

Most home improvement projects start by coming up with an estimate. Builders with years of experience might be able to look at a project's details and come up with an accurate quote. Other times, professional estimators use specialized software and programs to develop bids.

Vinyl siding calculator: Add it up for the features you want

Now, you as the homeowner can be in the know before you contact a professional. Estimate the cost of your vinyl siding job by using a calculator. The tool is straightforward to operate and will help give you an idea of the price of different siding treatments.

Our vinyl siding calculator allows you to look at different levels of price range within the same category. This is a useful function, because while there are differences in price between vinyl and fiber cement siding, quality and brand reputation may also affect cost within the same material category.

The tool uses the following criteria for comparison:

4 types of siding

  1. Economy vinyl siding without soffits
  2. High quality vinyl siding without soffits
  3. Fiber cement siding with paint
  4. Lap cedar siding with paint

5 pricing categories

  1. Very low
  2. Lower range
  3. Industry average
  4. Higher range
  5. Very high

How to get the numbers you need

When coming up with an estimate, figure out the square footage of your home's exterior. The walls should be easy: Just multiply length by height. Don't subtract the area of openings, as this will account for waste cuts. If you have a gabled roof, calculate the area of the triangle and multiple by .75 to come up with the amount needed for waste cuts.

After making these calculations, you should have the number of square feet of siding you will need. Plug this figure into the siding calculator. Soon you'll see a range of cost estimates by type of material.

Siding costs fluctuate depending on geographic location, raw material availability and sometimes, seasonal demand. While this calculator is a valuable tool for estimating the cost of siding projects, contact a siding dealer or local contractor to firm up the figures, once you're ready to move forward with replacing a home's siding.

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