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Exterior Vinyl Siding For Your Home?

What's the most popular exterior on new and refurbished homes? Overwhelmingly in vinyl siding, which is durable, economical, and versatile. Vinyl siding is available in many colors and styles that it can recreate any look, including shingle, stone and adobe. Exterior vinyl siding has many benefits -

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Vinyl Siding is Economical

Compared to stone, brick, or wood, vinyl is less expensive to purchase and install. Plus, while wood requires painting every five years, vinyl doesn't need re-painting. Typically, an inexpensive pressure wash will keep it looking new.

Provides Great Protection

What else gives vinyl an edge? It is able to withstand the elements. Vinyl is heat resistant up to 160 degrees, preventing sun damage. Because it reflects rather than absorbs heat, vinyl siding may even lower energy bills. Moreover, vinyl serves as a protective barrier between a home's interior and nature's violent elements, allowing it to weather wind storms. A water resistant siding, vinyl can also weather mold and mildew problems. Read about additional benefits of vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding Colors, Trim and Texture Options

The choices available in vinyl siding abound. Unusual vinyl colors of the material may be ordered directly from factories. Manufacturers prefer this practice because painting vinyl after installation is discouraged, as the siding expands and contracts seasonally.

There are also numerous options for the trim and texture of vinyl. Siding can be glossy or matte and textured to look like stucco, brick, or even logs! What's more, passersby won't be able to distinguish vinyl from the materials it can imitate.

Long Lasting

How long does vinyl last? Expect it to survive a lifetime. It won't scratch or dent nor will it mildew. And if vinyl should be damaged—say, by a flying baseball - the siding is easily repaired. Many companies trust in siding's longevity that they offer consumers lifetime warranties.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl is resilient but should be treated with care. Don't lean objects against it, and keep heat sources far away. Vinyl is plastic, after all.

Vinyl siding may be cleaned as little as once annually but is best maintained if spray hosed periodically. Wash vinyl by starting at the bottom and working up; then rinse from the top down. This keeps dirty water from streaking and staining it.

If needed, a power washer can clean vinyl. Aim the washer at eye level or lower. Spraying upward may trap moisture behind the panels, which causes damage.

Ultimately, if you treat your vinyl siding well, you will discover it will more than pay for itself.

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