Contractors spill secrets on the best vinyl siding

There are enough vinyl siding brands out there to make any homeowner's head spin. Researching all of them can be a time-consuming hassle. So which ones do the people who work with vinyl siding every day prefer? Contractors have four favorites.

Choosing the best vinyl siding brands

As with any other product on the market, the best manufacturers of vinyl siding always rise to the top of the heap. The overall satisfaction of the customer, an agreeable price and the ease of installation are three key factors that can vault a particular brand to a good reputation. Other reasons some vinyl siding brands are preferred over others can include the range of colors offered, insulating values and warranties offered.

What do contractors like? Here are four of the top brands:

  1. CertainTeed. One of the most popular brands since 1904, CertainTeed is home to the very popular Wolverine line, as well as ten other lines designed to suit everything from the most modern home to those in historic districts.
  2. Mastic. In business for over 70 years, Mastic offers a wide range of products, including everything you might need to make your vinyl siding makeover a success. A standout is the Quest line, which offers vinyl that looks like wood, 35 colors to choose from and wind ratings of up to 240 mph.
  3. Crane. With Solid Core Siding Backer Foam and many contemporary colors to choose from, Crane has made a mark in the industry. Notable points include over 10 product lines and an unusual "Life of the Home" warranty.
  4. Associated Materials Inc. AMI holds many brands, including the popular Revere and Gentek Building Products. With multiple product lines under each brand ready to suit any style of home, AMI has a proven foothold in innovation and leadership in the industry.

The bottom line isn't always right

You might expect to see higher prices for the best brands, but that might not be the case. When getting prices for the best vinyl siding brands, remember that the highest estimate doesn't necessarily mean the best quality. On the other hand, the cheapest quote might not be the lowest in quality, either. Do plenty of research and take your time in choosing the vinyl siding that is right for your home.

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