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Certified Vinyl Siding

Certified vinyl siding means that a particular siding product meets or exceeds the quality and performance standards of the VSI siding certification program. In fact, vinyl siding is the only exterior siding material that provides a certification program for both the products as well as the installers. Siding certification helps the consumer to rate the quality of both the products as well as the installers they encounter when looking to make a decision for their home.

The industry's certification siding programs are sponsored by the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) and the certification process is determined by an independent accredited inspection agency. VSI is a professional association that is dedicated to the promotion of vinyl siding to both the consumer market and construction industry. They are also involved in regulatory issues and codes and work to elevate the quality and professionalism found in the vinyl siding industry's products and services.

Certified Vinyl Siding

VSI's certification programs provide the industry with quality and performance standards that are internationally recognized and measured against ASTM International standards. ASTM International is an organization that develops standards and professional benchmark systems for design, manufacturing and trade. The organization uses research and testing to determine the highest barometers of technical quality, market relevancy, and performance.

VSI's product certification process for vinyl siding is intended to ensure that vinyl siding products meet or exceed the ASTM D3679 quality standard. Since 2006, the International Building Code and International Residential Code, as well as many city and state building codes, require ASTM D3679 compliance. The process of having vinyl siding products certified includes two unannounced visits to the manufacturing plant by an independent third party per year, as well as tests that determine a product's capacity to withstand windload, impact resistance and weatherability. VSI maintains a database of all vinyl siding products, vinyl siding brands and manufacturers that meet the certification criteria.

Additionally, vinyl products can receive certification for color retention, although this is an optional process. ASTM D6864 and ASTM D7251 standards apply to the certification of color retention through a two year outdoor weathering study. Each individual hue is tested and certification status for each color is listed as an attribute along with the overall product certification. Read more on vinyl siding colors.

VSI also offers a certification program for installers of vinyl siding. This designation is intended to ensure that installers understand and are capable of complying with ASTM-accepted installation methods. The certification process makes sure installers are properly trained and verifies that companies are appropriately staffed and managed, according to ASTM D4756 standards. VSI's certification program for installers offers three certification levels for different specialty areas - these are certified installer, certified trainer and certified installer company.

The installer certification program is administered by a third party, Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI). Each level of certification has different requirements, including a specific level of experience, coursework, and passing an exam. Installers must be recertified every three years, while trainers must teach at least two courses a year to maintain certification. In order to achieve installer company certification the company must register with ATI, have an approved quality control process, and have at least one certified installer or trainer on each work crew whenever vinyl siding is installed. This certification must be renewed annually.

Participation in the certification programs offered by VSI is voluntary, but demonstrates a commitment to excellence and consumer satisfaction in the vinyl siding industry. This process offers consumers an easier way to verify the quality of vinyl siding products and to ensure that they select installers that are the most knowledgeable and well trained in the industry.

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