Best vinyl siding: what the experts use

These days, there are numerous manufacturers of vinyl siding, and each offers an extensive portfolio of products. With so many choices, how do you know which brand and style are right for your home and budget? One solution might be to take a look at which siding products the experts prefer to use when given the freedom of choice. The qualities that professional contractors deem important are very likely the ones that can be most beneficial to you and your home.

3 characteristics experts look for in the best vinyl siding

Most siding contractors take a lot of pride in their work so one of their primary goals is the same as yours: to choose and install an attractive vinyl siding that can upgrade the appearance of a home. However, there are a few other factors that the professionals weigh when choosing a vinyl siding and those factors can be important to you and your home as well. Here are three criteria many siding contractors use to select the best vinyl siding from all the brands available:

  1. Warranty -- Most siding contractors base their prices on being able to do the installation and move onto the next project. Every time they must return to a home to correct a problem, their profits can suffer. That's why many contractors prefer a siding with a warranty, to make sure it locks securely and remains in place during strong storms.
  2. Installation ease -- Most professionals prefer a vinyl siding that's easy to work with and doesn't have extensive expansion and contraction issues during installation. When given a choice, the pros prefer heavier gauge vinyl siding.
  3. Distribution -- Contractors don't like running out of siding or trim and having to wait for what's needed. They like to pick up the parts to complete the project from a nearby distributor, which is usually possible when dealing with major manufacturers.

These same characteristics that contractors value when choosing the best vinyl siding for the job -- reliability, ease of use, strength and availability -- should be the ones that top your list, too.


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