5 things to add to vinyl siding calculator results

Using the vinyl siding calculator is a great first step toward helping you develop a budget and plan your replacement siding job. You may want to factor in at least five other costs to get a better picture of the final tally:

  1. Waste: You will need more material for waste cuts than the actual square footage of the home's exterior. How much more depends on the complexity of the exterior and the skill of the crew doing the installing. If you have lots of gables, intricate shapes or other uneven surfaces, consult with a siding professional about how much waste to expect, and how much more siding you'll likely need to buy.
  2. Disposal: While the vinyl siding calculator can estimate costs associated with new siding material, one thing it cannot estimate is the cost to remove and dispose of existing siding. In some cases, siding removal may not be required; installers can hang new siding over old, especially if the surface is relatively flat. If new vinyl is replacing old vinyl, chances are the existing siding will need to be removed. Make sure any contractor's quote includes disposal.
  3. Soffit and fascia replacement: Most new siding jobs require replacing soffits and fascias. This is not only an aesthetic issue, but these are integral parts of hanging and locking new siding in place.
  4. Windows, trim and special features: Installing siding around windows, doors and other trim may require more material and expertise, impacting price.
  5. Timing: There may be seasonal price fluctuations in your geographical area. Ask around at home improvement stores and with local builders to see if there is a noticeable cost difference during different times of year.

While the VSO vinyl siding calculator can help you get a good estimate on new siding, there will be more footwork required before arriving at an actual price on replacement siding. And once you've answered the question of cost for materials, there's another: "Who's going to do the job?"

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