5 best vinyl siding products chosen by contractors and retailers

Siding contractors and home improvement stores all prefer their best-selling brands. When you ask an expert about the "best" vinyl siding, however, they'll typically ask you questions in return. That's because the best vinyl siding product for your home depends on your climate, your existing exteriors, your insulation needs and your working budget.

You can expect to pay from $5 to $7 per square foot for quality vinyl siding. The old saw that you get what you pay for typically holds true for siding contractors. These five major manufacturers continue to lead their list:

  1. Durabuilt
  2. CertainTeed
  3. Preservation
  4. Georgia-Pacific
  5. Crane

Often home improvement stores favor brands with which they have financial associations. But that alone is hardly a reason to check a manufacturer off your list. For example, Durabuilt siding is among the most-popular brands sold by retailer Lowe's. The Durabuilt brand has been on sale since 1986. Lowe's currently offers Durabuilt 410 Series Double 4" traditional lap vinyl siding at $7.91 per square foot. The Durabuilt 410 Series Double 5" sells for $9.53. Remember, quoted prices are subject to change by the retailer.

Other best vinyl siding products

CertainTeed Siding offers several lines, but it is best known for its popular Monogram series. Several online retailers currently sell CertainTeed's Monogram Double 4" Brushed Finish at $5.49, or CertainTeed's MainStreet Double 5" Vinyl Siding at $5.38.

In the Pacific Northwest, Builder's Service Company prefers Preservation premium vinyl siding. Builder's likes the ClimaShield foam backing on Preservation siding for its insulation values in the cold and wet Seattle area.

Georgia-Pacific is also a top-rated brand favored by Lowe's. The Georgia-Pacific Almond Vision Pro D5 is a traditional vinyl siding with a reputation of durability and value. It sells for around $8.39 per square foot.

Crane Performance Siding began selling plastic products to contractors and retailers in 1947. Its American Dream Edge is the preferred vinyl siding brand for Arrowhead Building Supply in Missouri and Illinois. Crane makes the siding in Double 4", Double 4" Dutchlap, Double 5" and Double 5" Dutchlap options.

Each brand of siding comes with a range of add-on features that increase width, strength and insulation values. No matter which brand you choose, the best vinyl siding still must be installed by professionals if you expect durability and quality protection.

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